Vital Health Graphene Mattress

Technology for your health

Made from 100% natural materials and with the latest technologies, the combination of the innovative materials Viscoinstant and Graphene offer:

° high comfort and strong adaptability

° a fabric that is completely anti-mite, anti-bacterial and anti-allergic

° breathable texture, regulating body temperature

° hygienic & sustainable
° deep relaxation of the muscles

° preventing cardiovascular problems

° conduction of static electricity and protecting against radiation

Perfect sleeping system


Viscoinstant® offers high sleeping comfort and a healthy posture. Due to the density and structure of the material, the pressure distribution is equal on every part of the body. This gives a feeling of weightlessness

Nucleo Pur High Resilence

Nucleo Pur provides high resilience. The supporting layer contains 32 kg / m3 PUR material with Bioresilience technology. This offers a particularly elastic response to body movements, with superior quality and durability.

  1. High-quality stretch material with graphene

  1. Viscoinstant®

  1. Antibacterial fiber

  1. TNT (non-woven) cotton

  1. Nucleo PUR (foam) High Resilience core, consists of high resilience graphene foam.

  1. TNT (non-woven) cotton

  1. Antibacterial fiber

  1. Viscoinstant®

  1. Technical fabric 3D (3D Textile)


The Graphene mattress offers the necessary rest so that our bodies can perform their functions correctly.  A good night’s sleep has been shown to have severe benefits for our health.



A. Maintains the proper functioning of brain cells

B. Prevents cardiovascular problems

C. Maintains the proper functioning of the immune system

D. Prevents back pain caused by a bad night’s sleep


Innovative material that improves the dissipation of heat that the body collects during rest. It also reduces static electricity and is an excellent antibacterial substance.
It promotes the drainage of heat that the body accumulates during sleep due to the fact that this material has a high thermal conductivity. This translates into a stable temperature which avoids the feeling of heat in the summer months.



This certificate guarantees that no harmful substances have been used in the manufacture of this product. That is why this mattress is safe to use for the most sensitive skin types, such as babies.

ISO 13485

This product is produced according to the strictest quality standard on the market.
ISO 13485 is the standard for quality management for medical devices.


Radio frequency identification is a remote data storage and retrieval system that uses RFID tags to control the production process. This way we can know important aspects, such as production time or error detection.


Indicates that this product complies with all legal requirements concerning safety, health, and the environment.