Smoked Seafood

We know that the highest quality is impossible without the selection of the best basic ingredients. The expertise of Casa Santoña allows them to guarantee the acquisition of the best catch in the entire range of seafood. Thanks the dedication to family tradition, they are experts in marine products, their life cycles, seasons, and the best sources.

Smoked Emperor

Piece of balanced taste and texture. Large specimens of Swordfish are carefully choosen and treated with handicraft processes of healing and smoking.

Code  Weight Loins ud/Box Rate
EMH 500 450 12 €12,24
EMH 100 150 36 €3,00

Smoked Sardine

To prepare the smoked sardines  select the ones of greater size and weight are selected and smoked with noble woods at low temperature. The result is a fleshy and shiny sardine that stands out for its soft taste with a slight touch of smoke, smooth texture, fine and firmness.

Code  Weight Loins ud/Box Rate
SH 1000 850 22-24 8 €21,03
SH 500 460 11-12 12 €10,95
SH 150 130 4 36 €4,35

Smoked Tuna

For the Smoked Tuna the central loins are , meaty and with higher quality. With the smoke of noble woods and a light salty we get an exquisite product, bright, reddish brown and soft taste.

Code  Weight Loins ud/Box Rate
ATH 500 450 12 €12,24
ATH 100 150 36 €3,00

Smoked Salmon

Smoothing the best catch with traditional processes, we get the smoked salmon. Smooth texture and perfect balance of smoke and salt.

Code  Weight Loins ud/Box Rate
SLH 700 850 6 €17,18
SLH 100 120 36 €2,86

Smoked Cod

Smoked cod is a white fish that has very few fats. Among it‘s healthy qualities stands out that it favors the reduction of cholesterol. Nice and buttery texture is perfect to combine in your recipes.

Code  Weight Loins ud/Box Rate
BAH 600 700 10 €14,95
BAH 100 150 36 €3,00

Smoked Trout

We apply a natural and artisan smoked to the best pieces of Trout

Code  Weight Loins ud/Box Rate
TRH 500 450 12 €13,26
TRH 100 150 36 €3,67