Since the origin of the brand Casa Santoña, they have placed special emphasis on the process of transformation of the catch and care of each piece. They define themselves by the care they give to each piece, the manual and artisanal processes that ensure the best possible product, and the passion the entire team has for the work they do. For this reason the gourmet products, specially the semi-preserves, are recognised as among the best on the market.

Marinated Sardine

The marinade of the sardines lighten up its strong flavor without subtracting their special personality. Brilliant, surprising and without spines they constitute a first-class entree as well as an ideal component for appetizers and the preparation of other spikes.

Code Weight Loins ud/Box Rate
SM 500 470 26-28 12 €15,80
SM 250 220 12-14 21 €8,50
SM125 100 5-6 36 €3,92

Sardine Anchovy

We brine our sardines, ripening them for a couple of years, and then make anchovies and despair as if they were truly anchovies.

Code  Weight Loins ud/Box Rate
SA 500 370 24 10 €15,91
SA 250 200 12 30 €8,22
SA 100 100 8 36 €4,37

Marinated White Anchovies

A selection of the best anchovies from the cantabric sea  cleaned to remove all impurities. They are given the right time in wine vinegar, lemon and salt and are kept in olive oil.

Code Weight Loins ud/Box Rate
BC 1000 700 100 8 €12,96
BC 500 390 50 12 €6,71
BC 250 240 25 21 €3,45
BC 100 100 12 36 €1,85

Marinated White Anchovies Extra

Our marinated white anchovies extra is a large and clean piece. The result is a mouthful of mild flavor and low in salt, natural color and fleshy and delicate texture.

Code Weight Loins ud/Box Rate
BCE 700 580 44-50 10 €10,00
BCE 100 100 10 36 €2,35

Atlantic Anchovy Mix

Code Weight Loins ud/Box Rate
AB 100 70 10 36 €3,23

Cantrabic Anchovy Mix

Two ways to treat the anchovies united in this classic of the spanish gastronomy, with all the flavor and tradition of Casa Santoña.

Code Weight Loins ud/Box Rate
ACB 100 70 10 36 €3,64