We offer a selection of the best seafood from the Galician coasts prepared in premium preserves. Garnish them in olive oil, marinades or sauces to improve subtly their flavour.

Tuna Belly

Soft and juicy white Tuna belly in olive oil. Handcrafted.

Code  Weight Loins ud/Box Rate
VA 115 50 €2,14

Small Sardines

Exquisite taste Sardies canned carefully in olive oil to preserve whole bodies.

Code  Weight Loins ud/Box Rate
S 115 16-22 50 €1,82

Razor Shells

Thoroughly cleaned by manual processes to remove any traces of sand. Big, fleshy and juicy.

Code  Weight Loins ud/Box Rate
N 112 6-8 50 €3,43

North – Spain Tuna Belly

The most appreciated Tuna Belly (Thunnus alalunga). From the best fishing of the north of Spain we obtain this soft and juicy product.

Code  Weight Loins ud/Box Rate
V 115 50 €3,94

Marinated Mussels

Extra mussels of the Galician coasts, fried in a savory pickle with a touch of bay leaf.

Code  Weight Loins ud/Box Rate
M 6/8 111 6-8 50 €4,00
M 8/12 111 8-12 50 €1,69


Natural cockles from the Galician coasts. Hand cleaned to remove all sand.

Code  Weight Loins ud/Box Rate
BB 20/30 113 20-30 50 €9,32
BB 30/40 113 30-40 50 €7,81
BB 35-45 113 35-45 50 €4,02

Baby Scallops

Exquisite handmade preserve dressed with scallop sauce.

Code  Weight Loins ud/Box Rate
Z 115 12-14 50 €1,61

Mackerel Fillets

Mackerel in oil has a high content of proteins of great value for its lipid content. It is a source of omega 3 fatty acids. The firm fillets of mackerel canned are enjoyed with a good bread and a good oil, along with a fresh tomato if desired.

Code  Weight Loins ud/Box Rate
ROC 900 12 €5,37

Tuna Loins

Canned Tuna slices in olive oil. HORECA format suitable forsalads and skewers.

Code  Weight Loins ud/Box Rate
ROT 900 12 €5,12

Tuna Belly

Tuna Ventresca (Thunnus). From the best light tuna fishing, we obtain this soft and juicy product. Handmade.

Code  Weight Loins ud/Box Rate
ROVA 900 12 €11,53

Small Sardines in Sunflower Oil

Sardines of exquisite flavor canned carefully in olive oil.

Code  Weight Loins ud/Box Rate
ROS 900 70-80 12 €6,08


Our precious anchovies in the most universal and comfortable format, in octavillo. Made in the traditional style and preserved in olive oil.

Code  Weight Loins ud/Box Rate
AO 47 10 50 €3,20
BO 47 7 50 €2,04