This famous appetizer of the north of Spain, the Gilda, is a perfect combination between piparra, (non-spicy sweet chilli) and anchovy. Also with olives and marinated white anchovies.

Code  Weight Loins ud/Box Rate
GL 1000 530 30 10 €13,35
GL 500 370 15 15 €6,67
GL 200 120 8 21 €3,75

Scorpion Fishcake

The scorpion (scorpio or scrape) is an impressive and exquisite red fish, covered with thorns and inhabiting in the middle depths. We elaborate this exquisite pudding with the semi-fat meat of this fish.

Code  Weight Loins ud/Box Rate
PCB 1000 1000 6 €15,18
PCB 250 170 24 €3,33


We select the best pieces, without loss or imperfection, of these delicious 100% natural octopus legs and cooked in a traditional way only based on water, salt and bay leaf. Ideal for grilling, skillet or slicing to make Galician octopus. The bags come vacuum packed in their own juice. To enjoy them we just have to warm, open and serve.

Code  Weight Loins ud/Box Rate
PULT 3 200-400 €/KG 20 €27,81
PULT 5 200 €/Ud 25 € 5,69