Platonic Solids

When we talk about Sacred Geometry we refer to the basic Geometry known as Platonic Solids found in places considered sacred Churches, Mosques, Cathedrals.
Like everything excist in a material form, also we as human being are created by electrons and in every electron we have the geometric patterns. That‘s why we can say we are created by Geometry.
Sacred Geometry stimulates both brains at once or the hemispheres.
The right associated with artistic or visual-spatial skills, emotions and sense of sacredness.
The left related to mathematics and logic.
There are five components to consider; the conceptual, visual, emotional, relational and practical.
The conceptual elements are not visible: the point , line, plane and volume. When the conceptual elements become visible we get the Platonic Solids.
Platonic solids:
Plato indicated us five platonic solids of three-dimensional edges, angles and equal sides:
Tetrahedron – Fire
Cube – Earth
Octahedron – Air
Icosahedron – Water
Dodecahedron – Ether or Akasha.