Portable ozone generators are used for shock treatments to disinfect ambient air and surfaces and for deodorization treatments in different places. They are available for air and water treatments.
Its manageability and easy transport make it a powerful tool for cleaning, disinfection and eliminating bad and harmful odors.


Ozone generator with low production and concentration of ozone for lightly contaminated environments. With silent point discharge technology with ceramic dielectric, air-cooled. It works from filtered ambient air.

The device has 10 programs with low and high intensities for treatments when people are present (TCP). It also includes 4 other programs for shock treatments without people present (TSP), also with different intensities.

In addition, the device has a ‘Planner ’mode, to be able to combine different treatments throughout the day. For example, a treatment with people during the day and a shock treatment at night when there are no people present. The configuration is made from an Android device through Bluetooth connection.

Equipment legalized according to the Biocide (EU) BPR regulation for disinfection treatment and UNE 400201-94 standard for treatments with people.

For what do you use it?

To disinfect and eliminate odors in environments where people are present. Used to maintain environmental hygiene with ozone; in offices, medical consultations, veterinary, waiting rooms, nursing homes, kindergartens, gyms, pharmacies, clothing stores, shops, changing rooms, locker rooms, bathrooms, etc.

Not suitable for kitchens or highly contaminated environments.

Suitable to perform specific shock treatments when there are no people present. Get more powerful disinfection and deodorization when no one is in the room.




We work together with the best Ozone engineers worldwide and are able to offer customized solutions according to your needs and wishes.

Our manufacturer develops, designs, manufactures, installs and maintains ozone systems for all types of water and air ozone applications.

Ozone to disinfect and purify water and air in personalized processes. We adjust to your needs.

Ozone is a biocide which is recognized by ECHA. If a company wishes to produce and market ozone, it needs to be authorized. Our manufacturer is authorized, being also a founding member of EUOTA. They are one of the owners of the dossier of active substances that EUOTA presented at ECHA. For more information, visit the websites



The manufacturer complies with ISO 9001 and 14001. This serves as a continuous commitment towards improvement and sustainable development


All ozone generators manufactured have CE certificate and declaration of conformity.