Hispasur Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gold

9th place in the ranking of ´The World`s Best Olive Oils 2017-2018`

Quality: Finest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Variety of Olive: Monovariety Picual
Tasting Notes: Intense green fruitly with highly complex notes. Predominant green tones, reminiscent of fresh grass, apple or banana skin. An underlying hint of aromatic plants and tomato leaves. The first touch on the tongue is sweet, gently bitter and finally slightly spicy. The retronasal phase clearly brings out the earlier scent of green almond or ´allonza`.


250 ml
1 Bottle: € 12,30
3 Bottle`s: € 36,30
6 Bottle‘s: € 70,80

500 ml
1 Bottle: € 18,50
3 Bottle`s: € 54,90
6 Bottle‘s: € 108
2 Liter: € 49,45




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CINVE (Huelva, Spain) -Silver Medal
Premios Mezquita (Cordoba, Spain) , Silver Mezquita
L’Orciolo d’oro 2017 (Pesaro, Italy) – Distinction
Los Angeles EVOO Competition (Los Angeles, USA) – Gold Medal
Athena IOOC (Athens, Greece) – Gold Medal
Aristion (London, United Kingdom) – Gold Medal
Olive Japan (Tokyo, Japan) – Gold Medal
New York IOOC (New York, USA) – Gold Medal
Sial Olive D’Or (Toronto, Canada) – Gold Medal
Leone D’Oro (Brescia, Italy) – Gold Grand Mention
Oil China (Beijing, China) – Silver Meal Medium
Domina International Olive Oil (Palermo, Italy) – Gold Medal
Aipo D’Argento (Verona, Italy) – 1 Gocce Qualita
Terraolivo (Tel Aviv, Israel) – Grand Prestige Gold
Great Taste Award (London, United Kingdom) – Two Stars
Olivinus (Mendoza, Argentnia) – Grand Prestigio Oro & Especial Niňos
Cuyoliva ( Mendoza, Argentina) – Grand Gold Olive Tree
Terra di Cicerone (Roma, Italy) – Grand Mention
L’Oro del Mediterraneo (Presicce, Italy) – Menzione do Merito