Massage table by soft undulations that combined with the heat of deep infrared acts on the body in a way that helps the person to have an intense and a hard blood flow over the most charged areas or inflammations caused by stressful work or muscular injuries. Even for people with neglected diseases it relaxes the joint inflammations caused by their illnesses thanks to the contribution of oxygen, that they recieve in a anti-inflammatory way, in a natural way.

Inflammations go down and people are left with a very relaxing sensation and with much less discomfort when used with continuity. Muscle and joint relaxation in legs with circulation problems, lymphatic system and lack of blood, hip, lumbar, dorsal and cervical and even with chronic contractures a pleasant relaxation is noticed from the first application.

Pathologies that relieve pain due to inflammation and disturbances in sleep:

Muscle loads
Ailments for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis
Phatologies for hip and knee prostheses
Chronic contractures

For the last 10 years we are working for the conscious life and well-being.
According to the fact of this new time, we are confronting with the need of safety and disinfection.
We are committed to Ozone Solutions as the most powerful disinfectants known in the world and provide you with Ozone generators of the latest generation. They will assist you at home, like at your workplace.
Our goal is to bring you near with the devices that are very needed in this time.
And all this respecting the environment, supporting the planet using devices in an ecological way.
We understand that we are one with the planet and we want to take care.

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