The Products

I want to buy larger quantities and/or I own a business, do you offer wholesale prices?

For wholesale prices or special prices for larger quantities please contact us.

Why is there no information about the prices of the products?

Our website is a catalogue, with information about all the products with the technical files, the laboratory results, certificates, and stamps. We sell in large quantities as well as single ones.

For prices and acquisition depending on your needs, please contact us. We are always happy to assist you.

I would like to experience more about the products, do you have a shop I can visit?

Please contact us if you are interested in a free demonstration of the products. On appointment you can visit us at our head office, or our commercial agents will be able to visit you at your home or business address.

I like to try out the `Sensitive LH Undulhar Massage System´, is this possible?

This is possible. Please contact us if you are interested in a free trial. We are happy to assist you.

I like to try out the Vital Health Graphene Mattress and the ViruClean Mattress, is this possible?

It is possible to experience a small sample of the mattresses. All mattresses will be custom made, according to your choice of size, your weight and/or your preference for a hard, soft or medium mattress.

Who is the manufacturer of the Ozone products?

Our manufacturer is a Spanish company with 15 years of experience. They manufacture ozone generators and provide solutions to purify and disinfect water and air. They work with national and international industries. The members of their commercial team have a degree in environmental science, chemistry, or biology. Among the employees we find electronic, mechanical and electrical engineers but also product designers who develop the products. They are highly qualified and experienced. Operators manufacture the equipment.
They are a company with a high technical profile, committed to quality work and they comply with all legal requirements.

Is it safe to use Ozone?

Ozone is a very powerful disinfectant. It must be treated professionally in order to be effective, and with knowledgeable so that there is no harm to human health or the environment. All the products we sell are completely safe, as long as the instructions are being followed.

Ozone is a proven disinfection technology, with many years of experience, used in hundreds of industries around the world. It has significant advantages over other disinfectants since it does not require any transportation, packaging or handling. Ozone generates multiple benefits for the industry and society in general.

Is it legal to sell Ozone as a disinfectant?

Yes, it can be sold as a disinfectant. According to the Regulation 528/2012 it is considered as an active substance of in situ generation. That Regulation was made to regulate the commerce and use of biocides, guaranteeing a high level of protection for human health and the environment. Ozone is under evaluation for TP2, TP4, TP5 and TP11 products. Its use is allowed.

Who is allowed to sell Ozone equipment?

Ozone and its generating machines can be marketed as long as they comply with current regulations, especially EU Regulations 528/2012 (marketing and use of biocides), 1907/2006, and 1272/2008 of Parlement and the Council.

Our manufacturer and the other OTF (Ozone Task Force) members, distributors included, can sell ozone in Europe as they meet the legal requirements of the BPR and its article 95: https://www.euota.org/otf-ozone-task-force

Our manufacturer is a full member of EUOTA (European Ozone Trade Association) and co-owner of the dossier presented to ECHA (European Agency for Chemical Substances and Mixtures). The dossier authorizes them to market ozone and the generating machines within the scope of the European Union.

Is V&J Enterprise, as a distributor, allowed to sell Ozone equipment?

Yes, as an official distributor we can market ozone generators as long as we follow the recommendations for use. If the current law conditions are modified, we will be the first to be informed by our manufacturer.

Payment options

How can I pay my order?

After you placed your order (through e-mail, telephone, or direct contact) you will receive a pre-invoice from us. You can pay your order by making a transaction to our bank account:

V&J Enterprise V.O.F.

IBAN: NL19ABNA0829671870

Please mention your invoice number and the product(s) you ordered in your description.

After receiving your payment, we will send you the invoice.

For any further questions concerning paying your order, please contact us.

Shipping & Delivery

Do I have to pay shipping costs?

For all countries shipping costs will be charged. The costs depend on the size and weight of the package and the shipping method of your choice:


– Pick up at the head office of V&J Enterprise:

Waardeel 15

6996 BJ Drempt

The Netherlands

All shipping costs will be specified in the pre-invoice before you make your final order.

Do I have to pay additional costs, like import duties, taxes, and charges?

Import duties, taxes, and charges are not included. These charges are the buyer’s responsibility. Please check with your country’s customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to buying.

What is the estimated delivery time?

Before you place your order, we will inform you aboutt the estimated delivery time of the products.

Returns & Refunds

Can I return an item?

Because all the products are for direct personal use and/or custom made, it is not possible to return or exchange any items.

Can I withdraw my order and receive a refund?

This is not possible. Once you placed and paid an order, a refund is not possible.